Lifestyle Suites Offer The Perfect Co-Sharing Study Space

The reopening of borders has seen the return of thousands of international students, boosting the demand for student accommodation. In some of the more congested education hubs, students may be forced to live in single rooms or small studio units. 

This has led to a growing trend of students pooling their resources to rent lifestyle units as shared study and social spaces, allowing them more freedom and flexibility. But here are more benefits to consider:

Shared Resources

Having a few varsity mates share the cost for the essentials can really help with a student’s monthly budget. With a shared study space, tenants can split the cost of printers, laptops and snacks, making it a comfortable environment for all to study and socialise.

Further on, landlords of lifestyle and small office suites near education hubs are registering greater interest in groups of students wanting to make the unit a clubhouse for gatherings.

Be Inspired

Instead of studying solo, students may feel inspired when in a group. Being in a study group ensconced in a comfortable small office suite surely beats the confines of a dreary and dull library. A properly appointed lifestyle or small office suite can certainly help spark those eureka moments in the students.

Secure Environment

Most lifestyle and small office suites are located within developments that have round-the-clock security. Instead of hanging around mamak shops all night, students are interacting in a safe and secure environment, giving their parents a peace of mind. CCTVs can even be included within these units to ensure nothing untoward happens within its confines.

The Atelier + LoSo suites in edusphere, Cyberjaya is ideal for all these and more. It is near a multitude of campuses like the University of Cyberjaya and Multimedia University, where plenty of like-minded students would want to share such a space.

They are but a stone’s throw away from two fast food outlets (McDonalds’ and KFC), which adds to the convenience. For more information on the Atelier LoSo, please go to: