Atelier+LoSo offers flexibility for small businesses

Nick has been operating a boutique music store specialising in vinyl records. He has worked hard to curate a following on social media as well, predating the current vinyl boom, making his store among the more popular music emporiums in town. Nick has been mulling about changing the location of his store, which is currently … Read more

Benefits Of Using Co-Working Spaces

There has been a paradigm shift in office set ups post pandemic. More employees are working remotely with plenty of organisations recognising it as a mutually beneficial arrangement. There are also many more small start-ups that need a professional environment to function without incurring the huge expenses associated with traditional office set ups. Hence, co-sharing … Read more

Cyberjaya offers great potential for property investors

Property investors looking for the next big thing are slowly drawn towards the immense potential of Cyberjaya. While not exactly a hidden gem, they are beginning to see the many benefits the area has to offer. Here are some attractions that make Cyberjaya a viable property investment: Lush Greenery  Post-pandemic, more people are looking for … Read more